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Does this sound like you?

  •  Have you been working hard to grow your business but feel like you’re hitting a plateau?

  • Are you constantly wondering how to find hot markets that can fuel your business’s success?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the process of market research and trend analysis?

  • Are you ready to understand what needs to be in your contract agreements to protect you and your business?




Introducing…The Business Foundations Bundle

Grow Your Business With The Right Foundations

Are you ready for results like these?

Shelly is set to take on a bigger picture for her business!


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This client is ready to rock it with boosted confidence!

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This client is proving it with growth!

This client is proving it with growth!

Through this bundle, you will:

➡ Get repeat buyers

➡ Get organized and examine your money habits

➡ Know your numbers, look at expense categories, and understand your margins and profits

 ➡ Learn the basics of profit, calculate true costs, check profitability in products and services

➡ Develop strategy for growth and greater profitability

➡ Understand Cash Flow, get strategies, and learn how to navigate Cash Flow Crunches

➡ Learn how to set up your financial protection strategies

 ➡ Gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental legal principles that are essential for your business

➡ Explore the essential components to incorporate into your contracts, explore various business structures, and gain valuable insights into situations that may necessitate seeking legal counsel

➡ Acquire knowledge on conducting thorough market research and uncovering avenues for business expansion

The Business Foundation Bundle goes beyond just teaching new skills and strategies. It helps you shift your mindset and business approach, so you can unleash your entrepreneurial potential and create a thriving business that aligns with your goals and aspirations.





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Money Magic For Business

($200 Value)

Known as the “First step to PROFIT”, inside this course you can expect real business strategies and how to implement them. It also covers all of the foundational business finance topics. You’ll become more confident in managing your money.



Business Agreements and Legal Protection For Your Business

($67 Value)

You will learn the legal basics for your business. What to include in your contracts, business structures, and some thoughts about when you might want to talk to a lawyer.



All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

($200 Value)

Market research and sales strategy using my ADFP formula for finding opportunities for sales and revenue growth!


Create Your Raving Fans

($47 Value)

Legendary customer service creates repeat buyers. Grab the strategies inside this training to create your raving fans!




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