Run a successful and

profitable business like

a pro without an MBA

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Legacy Business

As a small business owner, you may be overwhelmed at the sheer volume of things that need your attention. All the things you must do to run your business.

You’ve got the products, services, and passion… but sometimes struggle with the cashflow, inventory, hiring, delivering, and making the right decisions without that pit in your stomach. 

I get it. I designed these courses and support options to help you grow a legacy business. One built to last. That you can leave for your kiddos or sell when you are ready.









Get the tools, skills, and confidence to grow your business into your vision. 

Create your Money Magic systems.  Get your products business to over $100k in revenue, fast.  Master marketing, sales, operations, finances, hiring, and decision making.
So much skill… imposter syndrome won’t stand a chance.

Join me to learn the mechanics of running your company to build a legacy


The Profit Accelerator Podcast

Dawn Kennedy

You’re in business to bring your gifts and talents to the world. It isn’t easy. It takes grit and commitment, and this show is here to help. 

Each week Dawn Kennedy, attorney, author, mentor, and CEO of a growing coffee company, shares interviews with tips and strategies, on the topics you need to help you run the small business you love more successfully… 

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