Business consulting for
growth and success,
regardless of the economy.

Dawn Kennedy, CEO of Convoy Road Coffee Roasters, LLC and Business Consultant, helps businesses achieve remarkable results, even in challenging times.




To help businesses of all sizes achieve their growth and success goals, regardless of the economic climate.


Empowering businesses to achieve extraordinary results through innovative strategies and tailored solutions.

Hi I’m Dawn

I am a CEO, consultant, author, podcaster, business mentor. Your guide. I am also a business owner. I am the CEO of Convoy Road Coffee Roasters, LLC.

My Commitment to Your Success

I firmly believe that every challenge is a chance to innovate and grow. Regardless of the economic climate, my commitment to your business’s success remains unwavering. I offer not just consultancy, but a partnership built on trust, expertise, and a shared vision for your business’s future.


A Catalyst for Business Transformation

As a dedicated business consultant, I’ve had the privilege of guiding numerous businesses toward transformative success. In the past 6 months, my clients have achieved extraordinary milestones, including the establishment of successful second locations, tripling their revenue in record time, and significantly enhancing their business valuations in preparation for strategic sales.


Why Choose Me as Your Business Partner

Proven Track Record: My results speak for themselves. I’ve helped businesses, just like yours, achieve remarkable growth and profitability.

Innovative Strategies: I bring fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to the table, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve.

Passion for Excellence: My passion for excellence fuels everything I do. I approach each project with dedication, enthusiasm, and a keen eye for detail.

Tailored Solutions: I understand that every business is unique. My solutions are customized to address your specific challenges and capitalize on your unique strengths.

“I believe that every business has the potential to succeed, regardless of the economic climate. I am here to help you achieve your GROWTH AND SUCCESS goals,no matter what challenges you may be facing.”

Dawn K. Kennedy, Business Consultant

How I Can Help You

You have a dream. 

You want to create something and bring it into the world.

But you’re stuck.

You’re struggling with capacity, cash flow, or feeling overwhelmed. 

You just want your business to run better and make more profit.


Here are just a few of the ways I can help you:

→ Develop and implement a strategic plan to grow your business

→ Improve your marketing and sales strategies

→ Increase your operational efficiency and profitability

→ Build a strong brand and attract your ideal customers

→ Scale your business and achieve your growth goals

Here’s what people are saying


Picture your dream business – profitable, successful, and fulfilling.

I specialize in turning that vision into reality. I don’t offer quick fixes or magic solutions; instead, I’m your partner in a transformative journey.

Together, we’ll build a sustainable, scalable, and profitable business.

Ready for the next level?



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