It is so much easier to make more sales and sell products and services to an existing customer than it is to try and find a new customer. In fact, there’s something called the “80/20 rule” that states 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your audience Once your customers and fans are in your world, they are more eager to buy your offerings than a cold or even lukewarm lead.


Make More Sales


So, how do we make sure we are serving and selling this 20%? By making sure all of your offers will be a good fit for your audience, give them multiple ways to buy from you, and giving exceptional service that will win you loyal fans.





Making sure your offers are a good fit


Nobody wants to be in the awkward position of offering something that no one wants to buy.  It’s important to talk to your customers, get feedback on your products and services. Don’t be afraid to run a beta test or provide samples of your new thing to your audience. I don’t suggest you give things away to just anyone. Have a way to qualify your customers, and when you find them, get their input on what you offer.


For example, I have a signature 6-week group program to help entrepreneurs grow their revenues and profits by focusing on one plan for a short time.  This particular approach didn’t work for one of my clients, who felt that the every-week meeting was too quick to allow her to implement the next step in her plan.  She wanted two weeks between meetings to give her more time to work on her plan. 


This request created a 12-week program and is a great fit for certain businesses who need to focus on growth over a quarter. By taking the time to listen and adjust my offers, she works with me over and over when she needs support with her business growth.





Multiple ways to buy from you


If you offer handmade organic body lotions and scrubs can your customers order in both full and gift sizes? Will they fall in love with your product? Are there gift options that would allow them to ship it to a friend? This is one example of how you can create multiple reasons your customers should buy from you.


In the service sector, do you have an “offer ladder” with related and logical offers for your customer to take advantage of? How about a mix, like a course and a live program? Take a minute and think about the logical ways people would benefit from working with you through multiple sales.





Giving exceptional service with every sale


If you want to keep the fans coming back, you have to give the most amazing service. Ensuring so, they feel well taken care of. 


Drop the extra note, send the Voxer, follow up on their delivery.


Put a card in your package.  Send a gift. Answer the email. Jump on a call.


There are a million ways to let your customers know that they are important to you.  If they feel good, they will continue to buy from you. 


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