.I have personally fought the deep fear that I was going to make a wrong decision. I have lived with “analysis paralysis” and turning the same question over and over in my head while trying to figure out every possible outcome. It was exhausting and my business was also stuck. I finally realized that not making a decision IS a decision. I was choosing to keep spinning my wheels. 


What If You Couldn’t Make A Wrong Decision


Perhaps you have a decision to make that you just can’t. And it is keeping you stuck. Perhaps you have been holding off finding a VA or new software or marketing support. Maybe it’s a financial decision. Maybe it’s the decision to enter a new market or offer a new service.  I want to give you a quick and easy process you can use to help you make the decision. What if you couldn’t make a wrong decision?


The Cost-Benefit analysis for this is a simple tool. It shows you if the benefit of something in your business will outweigh the actual cost of having it.  I am a HUGE proponent of the cost/benefit analysis. But the cost/ benefit is a tool that shouldn’t keep you up at night.  I made the biggest mistake with this process by not committing to implementing the best course of action that the tool revealed.





I feared that even if I picked the “best” one, it may be wrong for the business. But what if I couldn’t choose “wrong?” What if you couldn’t? Your mindset has to be that you will go with the decision. The decision based on the knowledge that you have when you use the tool.


The easiest way to work a cost/ benefit tool is to sit down and handwrite all of the costs and benefits of the decision you are trying to make.  And you use this tool for each decision point. You can handwrite it on a piece of paper, or use a computer program. I am personally a pen and paper and coffee and relaxed environment kind of girl, but you do whatever will allow you to think clearly.





Be specific. For example, a Virtual Assistant will save you time that can be better available for money-making activities. Email Automation can make sure nobody who opts in for your newsletter falls through the cracks. And continue to list the benefits that you will personally receive in your business.  Then look at all the costs, financially or otherwise, of implementing the thing.  


Many times, when you write it all out, an investment is a “no brainer” and your business will benefit so much you need to add whatever it is, now.  On the flip side, if you are wondering whether to keep something in your business, you can use the same approach. If the benefits (be honest) are not enough to justify the cost, you don’t keep it.





Author’s Note:


But here is the key, you cannot get it wrong. When you use this tool with the best information you have, your decision is the best you can make at the time. Period. Not making any decision and spinning your wheels is a decision and one that isn’t moving you forward.  Try this tool the next time you have a business decision to make and commit to implementing what comes out on the paper. You will be amazed at how much stress is gone because a decision is made, a course of action is taken, and you can now focus on the next thing.  On one last note, rarely is any decision permanent, so move confidently on the best one that reveals itself to you the next time you feel stuck.

Creating your signature offer is one way you can be sure you reach the right audience and hone your message. One that you will be known for.  One that people will seek you out for.  Your signature can be a course, program, flavor, color, packaging, template, the sky is the limit. 


No matter your business or industry, your voice, your values, and your point of view are unique to you. Your message will resonate with some people, and not with others. And that’s just fine.


Creating Your Signature Offer


The one thing about creating your signature offer is that it needs to be on-brand. It needs to be cohesive with your voice, message, image, and values. Make sure you know these things for yourself before you start creating your signature offer. To start crafting your signature offer, answer the questions below.




What do you want to be known for?


It’s the Profit Accelerator for me. The programs, the (upcoming) podcast, the book, all of it. I want to be the go-to for entrepreneurs who want to make more money and keep more profit by starting with their numbers. I know profit creates impact and I want small business owners to have a tremendous impact in their communities and in society.





What change or transformation do you want your clients to have through your signature thing?


I want people to be empowered with their money. Confident in making financial decisions. I want them to walk away from my signature Profit Accelerator experience with positive permanent changes that make entrepreneurship better for them. You need to be very, very clear about what your clients will experience through your signature thing. Your answers in this step will help you define the actual offer in the next step.





What’s the best format for your clients to get that change?


In the program I created, it is a hybrid between 1:1 sessions and group coaching for a six to twelve-week timeframe with the singular goal of generating revenue and keeping the profit. For some of you, it will be a course, whether online or live. For others, it will be with your products. You know your audience, make sure you are meeting them where they are so you can help them get to where they want to be.





What feels good for you to deliver?


The final question has to do with alignment. Your signature offer must represent you and you must feel good delivering it to the world.  If you are not a webinar and PowerPoint person, you can’t force your signature offer into that format. Really think about this. The way you deliver your signature thing is the way people will remember you.


There are still two weeks left for 2020, why not take a little time and create the thing you want to be known for in 2021. Daydream a bit if you need to. Visualize it, feel it, and outline whatever you need to in order to bring your signature thing to the world in 2021.


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Every entrepreneur starts with a passion project, because if you don’t have a passion, what exactly are you bringing into the world? Of course, you can just have a business without loving it, but in reality, it is your love of what you do that resonates with customers and brings in the sales.

Passion is the key to getting up early and staying late. It is the secret sauce that makes your eyes sparkle as you serve your audience.

As you can see it is a critical component to successful entrepreneurship.


But passion is not the only element


You need more than passion, it’s a necessarily element, but not the only one. I love this quote by Dixie Gillaspie:

“Passion without a plan, without action, and without hard work may be doggie do-do, but without passion you’ll run out of energy long before your actions yield the desired result.”

The action portion of entrepreneurship comes from a different place. It comes from decision.


What does this mean?


Looking to Merriam Webster dictionary, “decide” means: “to make a final choice or judgment about”.

The root of the Latin word actually means “to cut off” and when you make a decision you cut off any other choice. Decide isn’t an action we are supposed to take too lightly, in that there are other choices available and this should be done after careful consideration.

Many people believe we decide with our heads and in some ways, we do. We do a quick analysis around what each choice should mean and the result we should expect.

But when we truly “cut off” any other option except for the one we pursue; it has to come from your gut, and you need to mentally “burn the boats” that keep you on your decision on track.

In 1519 Hernan Cortes landed on the shores of Mexico with 600 men, and upon arrival, he destroyed their boats, meaning, there’s no going back.

This is a powerful psychological commitment to the decision. It’s important to recognize that Hernan probably had a good idea about “how” to take over the country, but probably every step didn’t goes as originally expected.

Making a decision doesn’t mean knowing exactly how to execute, just that you are committed to get it done and to keep going no matter what comes up on the journey. Once you burn your boats you will show up in a different way, with an attitude that you will reach your goals, no matter what.

That failure is not an option, even if you haven’t nailed down exactly how to reach your definition of success. Mix this power of decision with your passion and you will have an unstoppable internal mix for entrepreneurship.

That decision keeps you showing up when things get rough or go south for a bit, and your passion will keep you creating, selling, and serving.

Once you make that decision, you don’t have to put the processes in place by yourself. I’m here to help your passion business make more money and keep more profit! Let’s get on a free call to talk about your goals and your vision for your company. Visit https://dawnkennedy.as.me/support

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