Lead Your Business in 2023

With Confidence, Clarity & an Effective Strategy
A Virtual Retreat November 5th & 6th 2022

Early Bird $497.00

EB 2 pymts $265.00

Is This Retreat for You?

  • You want to make vision guided decisions
  • You want to make more sales & profit in 2023
  • You want to predict and plan for obstacles
  • You want to take radical self-responsibility

Start 2023 With Absolute Confidence

It’s a fact that the business landscape has been changing a bit this year. Costs are up. There’s a “technical” recession. You might be worried that raising prices will lead to sales losses. You also may be unsure where to put your time, money, and other resources to have the biggest impact on your growth anymore.  

That’s why I’m hosting this retreat.

  • Get crystal clear on where you are going so every decision is going there
  • Identify the triggers, obstacles, and friction points and make a plan to get through them
  • Stop being the bottleneck in your business and identify and defeat your sabotage cycle
  • Laser focus the areas for your investments with the biggest impact in your growth 
  • Develop a plan that guides your daily operations with flexibility to accept opportunities

Join me November 5th & 6th and you will have absolute confidence that no matter what happens in 2023, you are ready to tackle it and keep your business focused on your vision. 

Consider putting yourself in a hotel or AirBNB for this event, to give yourself amazing space to work on your business. We will be having virtual cocktail hour and other fun experiences. 

early bird $497  (10/22) EB   2x $265 (10/22)


  • Where is my business going?
  • What do I want to achieve?


  • What’s supportive?
  • What needs to change?


  • Am I taking responsibility?
  • Where am I a bottleneck?


  • What are the things to “do?” 
  • How do they meet the vision?

Gain Clarity of Vision

Vision is SO much bigger than your goals. It is the roadmap for your business.  You need an individualized guide to make sure every critical decision you make is keeping you on the path to your vision. And to help you keep vision at the forefront of your growth strategy. Our first step is to help you clearly define the vision, not just the goals, and to create that guide for your business. 

Prepare Your Business for Achievement

 Is your business set up to support where you want to go and what you want to achieve in 2023? Have you taken a look across your sales, marketing, operations, and team with an eye toward prioritizing where you should spend time and resources? Are your solutions focused for what you want to do now and next? Our next steps we will prepare your business mechanics to support your next levels.

Create an Actionable 12 Month Plan 

Having an Actionable 12 Month Plan that is effective and detailed but flexible enough to allow for opportunities and growth is important. Having one that is aligned with your vision and “backwards planned” so you know exactly what to do is critical to your success. This retreat will help you develop the roadmap, with those tangible items for 2023, that truly supports your everyday actions that keep you on course with your vision.

“Working with Dawn brought me clarity about the financial outlook of my new business. Her insights highlighted ways to ensure the stability of my business, helping me to identify the areas where I can grow. Because of her coaching, I feel confident that I’m focusing on the right areas.”

– Jerri Lynn Cook

About Dawn

Dawn K Kennedy is an author, attorney, business consultant, and the CEO of Convoy Road Coffee Roasters, LLC, the successful startup that grew from $121 in sales in January 2021 to over $17,000 a month ten months later.

Dawn has an extensive background in program management and has been in entrepreneurship since 2011. She has worked with both government and private sector businesses across industries for over 10 years. 

Dawn hosts The Profit Accelerator Podcast, available on your favorite podcast platform, and is the author of The Profit Accelerator for Small Business, a number two best seller in Business Consulting on Amazon. 

Retreat Schedule

All times are in EST

Day 1, Part I

11am: Welcome and Housekeeping

11:30- 1pm: Clarity of Vision and Creating Your Guide for Critical Decision Making

1:30-3pm: Systems Review and Self-Audit

3:30-5pm: Brainstorm Solutions and Prioritize Implementation

Day 1, Part II:

5:30pm- 7pm: Where are you the Bottleneck? 

7pm- 8:00pm: Q&A and Wrap Up day 1

Day 2, Planning

12pm- 4pm: Develop the 2023 Action Plan

4pm-6pm: Q & A, Individualized Support, Retreat Wrap Up


Your Virtual Retreat Includes…

All Live Sessions,

Replays Included,

Lifetime Access


All Workbooks & Materials




Bonus Implementation Call 1/10/23 5pm EST


Special Bonus!

Remote Headshots with Jess Wilson!

When was the last time you had a professional headshot session? 

If it’s been a while, this is an excellent add on for you! Special retreat pricing includes outfit changes, many poses and 5 finished and edited headshots.

Links and Information

To book your headshot portrait session during the retreat, click HERE.

For more information about Jess and her amazing remote portrait business visit: www.jwilsonpix.com

Jess will be honoring the special retreat price for sessions held up to one week AFTER the retreat, but you must book by October 30th, 2022. Click HERE.


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