The 6 Month Program to create $100k plus/yr

in your products-led business

 Product Focused

Products businesses are different than service led businesses.

Cashflow management is different.
Inventory and ordering are different.
Pricing and projections are different.
Marketing and sales strategy are different.
So, this program is different.
It’s designed for businesses with physical products and business owners who are ready to create the systems, sales and profits that will bring them into the business they love to run.

Reliable Support

  • 12 weeks of live business training first
  • then 3 months of mentoring inside the Success Studio
  • with workshops and a business planning retreat 
  • to create 6 months of support for your products business 
  • September 13th 2022- March 31st 2023

Let Us Help

The advice out there isn’t for products businesses and ecommerce. It’s for marketers, and coaches, and those who pay taxes, but keep the rest. 

But you sell a physical product. You have shipping costs. And inventory. And maybe manufacturing considerations.

Internet coaches for service businesses don’t help you. 

But Product-led success can show you, step-by-step how to create a thriving products business in retail, wholesale, ecommerce and in adjacent markets. 

$465.00 x 7 $2997.00 PIF

“With my new pricing formula, I have a real profit margin that I am investing back into creating a new product. I’m also going to hire a part time production assistant. Wow. We’re a real business now. ” – Kaitlyn L. 

The Support You Need

CEO, consultant, author, podcaster, business mentor. Your guide. 

Dawn K. Kennedy is the CEO of her own small product led business, Convoy Road Coffee Roasters, LLC, in Van Wert, Ohio, a multi-six figure coffee roastery with five employees. Her passion is teaching other entrepreneurs how to maximize sales and profits to build legacy businesses. 

She has been an entrepreneur for over 11 years and has been consulting and supporting small businesses since 2018. Before then she worked for over 10 years as a consultant and program manager for the United States Army and for small and large businesses in the defense sector. 

She now works across industries to support small businesses by showing them how to manage the mechanics of the business, such as filing a federal 940, as well as identifying new lines of revenue and how to maximize profits.

Her processes, such as the Breakthrough Number and the ADFP Formula, lead her clients to incredible growth that is sustainable.  

Join Now $465 x 7

10 Live Modules:

(12 weeks with 2 implementation weeks)

Mod 1: The Basics

Mod 2: Your Product(s)

Mod 3: Inventory Mgmt

Mod 4: Financials and Taxes

Mod 5: Sales and Agreements

Mod 6: Marketing & Audience

Mod 7: Running the Business

Mod 8: Hiring and Team

Mod 9: Planning and Growth

Mod 10: Room for the Magic

September 13th-November 29th 2022

3 Additional Months of Business Support: 

Success Studio Membership

Bi-weekly group calls

Quarterly planning workshop

A 1:1 Call for individual support

Email Support

VIP option available

  • January 1st- March 31st 2023



FY2023 Planning Retreat 11/5/22

Q12023 Planning Workshop 12/04/22

Guest classes and trainings with experts



  • Mod 1: The Basics
    • Setting Up the Business
    • Key Components for Success
    • Self -Audit and Set Program Goals
  • Mod 2: Your Product(s)
    • Capacity, Production, Sourcing
    • Costs, Pricing, and Profits
    • Margins and Projections
  • Mod 3: Inventory Management
    • Inventory Tracking Systems
    • Ordering and Spending
    • Supply Chain and Vendors

  • Mod4: Financials and Taxes
    • Financial Organization
    • B Number and Sinking Fund
    • Taxes and Holding Accounts
  • Mod 5: Sales and Lines of Revenue
    • Sales Agreements
    • ADFP Process to Create Sales
    • Sales Strategy
  • Mod 6: Marketing and Audience
    • Identifying Marketing Channels
    • Mission, Vision, and Messaging
    • Creating a Marketing Plan

  • Mod 7: Running the Business
    • Cash Flow Management
    • Task Checklists
    • Documenting Procedures
  • Mod 8: Hiring and Team
    • Identify the Position You Need
    • Job Descriptions and Hiring
    • Training New Employees
  • Mod 9: Planning and Growth
    • Setting Goals
    • Annual Planning
    • Quarterly Planning 

Product-led businesses have different needs

Whether you manufacture the products you sell, or you are a reseller, you’ve got distinct business needs beyond mindset and marketing strategy. 

You have inventory and ordering needs, cash flow worries, a production schedule to shift, and just not a lot of time to get it all done. 

And no matter how much you LOVE what you do, you may always feel like your business is running you!


Joining Product-Led Success turns that feeling around so you are running a business you love with support in implementing systems, increasing sales, and maximizing profits. 

Master the Mechanics of Running a Products-Led Business

Manage Your Mindset for Success and Learn to Hold Your Vision


Learn How to Leave Room for Magic and Opportunities to Appear

Join Now for $465.00 x 7


“Thank you for the strategic planning and customization of my business.”- Katie H.

Is PLS for You?

  • Your business has physical products
  • You want to make more sales & profit
  • You need an easier way to run the biz
  • You are looking to sustainably grow

Support for Your Unique Business

Product-Led Success supports YOUR business. you have a unique product or a unique way of delivering your product to the world.  So, there is no cookie cutter here. 

On every call there is hotseat support available to get your questions answered and to help you make the business decisions you need to keep moving into your vision. 

You will learn business mechanics in every module, then will implement them in the best way for your own venture. Your business your way with real success and more structure, sales, profit, and joy. 

$465.00 x 7 $2997.00 PIF

What Client’s Say

“I met Dawn when I needed her most. I’m trying to get my small eyelash extensions business of the ground while working full time. I had many questions what to do with my small revenue, and how to make smart financial decisions. Dawn was amazing. She offered a free consultation over Zoom, which was super convenient because I live in London, UK. She gave me an excellent advice and an eye opener on where my business is standing now, where it’s going, and where it should go. Outside of her knowledge and experience, Dawn is very down to earth and easy to talk to. I felt very comfortable sharing my situation and asking questions.”

– – Urte M., 9.2.5 Lashes, London

“Working with Dawn brought me clarity about the financial outlook of my new business. Her insights highlighted ways to ensure the stability of my business, helping me to identify the areas where I can grow. “

– Jerri Lynn C., US

Join Product-Led Success


PIF: $2997.00

7x $465.00